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Eastern European countries question Russia over Nord Stream 2

Gazprom’s extension of their Nord Stream project through the creation of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has faced criticism from Eastern European countries, including Poland, the Baltic states and Ukraine over the Russian energy company’s plan to provide energy supplies directly to Germany. Ten countries, including Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia Romania and Slovakia alongside others, made an official complaint to the European Commission, saying that the new pipeline will reduce the transport roles that countries play in the delivery of oil and gas to Europe.

Forbes reports that, in recent years, the European Commission, alongside the US government have encouraged energy diversification in Europe in a bid to reduce its energy dependence on Russian oil and gas. Their concern also stems from the fact that Russia has threatened to halt deliveries to Europe in the past. Those countries that have complained to the European Commission say that their local energy markets will be negatively affected by the new pipeline and furthermore, it will create a greater risk for Europe as it gives Russia an even greater role to play in the supply of energy to the region. According to local media reports cited in Forbes, the complaint stated, “Preserving the transport route through Ukraine is in the strategic interest of the EU as a while, not only from an energy security perspective, but also in terms of reinforcing the stability of the eastern European region.”

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